Types of Wedding Bands That Have Plated Metal

Types of Wedding Bands That Have Plated Metal

What You Need To Know About Choosing Wedding Ring Metals – Long's Jewelers

Are you one lucky guy getting married? Or are you looking for custom wedding bands for men for your significant other? Do you know what to look for in a wedding band for men? Do you know what you prefer to wear or have no idea on men’s wedding bands?

If you are looking for ideas on types of wedding bands that have plated metal then you are in the right place. Would you like to customize or simply get ideas on what is the ideal mens wedding band to wear?

How much should you spend on a men’s wedding band?

The average price that people spend on a men’s wedding band is around $600. The average price of a men’s wedding band can range from $100 to $2,000 as the price depends on the material chosen, while the style and customization added can also change the price to the costly end. 

In the end, there are no rules regarding what is correct or wrong on spending on a man’s wedding band. The important thing is that the band reflects the wearer’s style and the groom is satisfied with the wedding band that he will wear for a long time. 

What does it mean when a man wears a black wedding band?

If you are around married couples, you may notice a black wedding band on one’s finger and wonder what the story behind the ring is. Black rings can be found way back to the ancient times when ancient Greek and Roman couples exchanged black onyx rings during a wedding. 

The color black symbolizes courage, power and strength and it shows the man’s conviction in his marriage. If a couple wears a black ring, it symbolizes how dedicated they are to their marriage and their belief in the strength of their union. 

How to choose the right mens wedding band

The wedding band is an important piece of jewelry so it is vital that you choose the right one to wear. What material the wedding band will be is equally as important because it reflects the style of the wearer. The price can also be a factor as some wedding band material is more expensive than others.

 Here are the most common material types for a man’s wedding band:

  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel

Things to consider when choosing the type of wedding band material

  • White gold is the most popular ring as a material for wedding bands for men but it contains nickel so if you are allergic, it is best to choose another material.
  • Platinum is more expensive but it is also one of the most stylistic and fashionable materials for a wedding band due to its color. It’s also very durable and dense, and for those with allergies, platinum is  hypoallergenic.
  • Yellow gold is the material if like the look of the classic gold wedding ring. This material looks warm, classic as well as modern.
  • Rose gold is known to be popular with females but the color is also fast becoming popular with males. It is made with a mix of pure gold and copper, which creates a rosy/champagne hue.
  • Black wedding band has been increasing in popularity for grooms to wear due to its symbolism of courage and conviction. It is also a popular fashion statement as it matches well with men’s styles.
  • The style and design of the wedding band should fit your personality and lifestyle. You need to make certain that the band won’t be uncomfortable since you may be wearing it for a long time. 

Who pays for the wedding band?

Traditionally, it is solely the man who pays for the wedding bands and the engagement ring for the bride but nowadays, time is changing and anyone can pay for the wedding band. The wedding band is an important part of the wedding and so, if the couple is able to pay for the wedding bands then it is absolutely okay.

The groom can pay for his own wedding band if he chooses to have certain customizations to add personal touches that reflect his style. The bride can pay for her groom’s wedding band as well if she wants to treat it as her gift to her groom on their special day. Another option is that they can equally pay for the price of their wedding bands as long as it is mutually agreed on their part.