7 Types Of Renewable Energy

Types of Renewable Energy | IGS

There are 7 types of renewable energy that can be the perfect alternative for the present source of electricity and power, which are fossil fuels. Renewable energy is a good alternative since it is cheaper, and is possible to use in urban places. Why use a source that is harmful to the environment? if you can use renewable energy that doesn’t pollute

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is produced by natural resources such as the wind and the sun. They are called renewable energy because they are finite and inexhaustible. Using renewable energy can reduce the toxic gases produced compared with the green emissions that fossil fuels produce when used. 

7 Types Of Renewable Energy

Solar Energy 

This is the most popularly used renewable energy. Solar energy is collected by capturing its radiant from the sun and converting it to heat. Solar energy works by using solar panels which have solar cells that are responsible for collecting energy from the sun’s radiant. 

Wind Power

There are several ways to be able to collect energy from the wind. Commercial grade wind-powered generating systems are used to power up bigger areas or many organizations and single-wind turbines are used by pre-existing organizations as their energy supplement. What Is The Cleanest Renewable Energy Source? Wind energy doesn’t produce any harmful elements when used. Investing in wind energy technology will not only promote cleaner sources of energy but also give jobs to more people. Since wind technology requires more than one man to keep the wind turbines working. 


Water can be a source of energy. Pumped-storage hydropower is a device used to convert water to energy. Water needs to flow to the water turbine to be able to convert it to energy. For the question, what renewable resource is non – polluting? Hydroelectric is known as non-polluting renewable energy.


This energy comes from the earth’s crust that was trapped 4.5 billion years ago as well as radioactive decay. The heat produced from this is called geothermal energy. The steam that comes from the water beneath the earth’s crust being p by heat is the one used to produce energy. It is not commonly used since it is costly to build infrastructure for it. 


The ocean can produce two kinds of energy: thermal and mechanical. The warm water’s surface temperature can produce thermal energy while mechanical energy is produced by the ebbs and flows of tides, the earth’s rotation and the moon’s gravity are responsible for it. 


This source of energy can only be utilized when separated. It binds to produce water, once separated, it can be used as energy to produce fuel and electricity. This energy is ideal for making electric motors work. 


The energy produced from recently living organisms and plants is called biomass. Firewood is the best example of biomass; it is derived from a tree. When organisms decompose, methane gas is produced. That is how biomass energy works. 

Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Sources are Finite

Once you shift to renewable energy, you don’t have to worry about the rate of increase in your energy source. Since there is a low possibility that the source will run out, then prices will stock at a rate or could increase but not that high. The rate of increase of electricity is usually affected by the scarcity of its source. 

Produce zero or Less Toxic Emission

The main reason why most people shift to renewable energy is the fact that they want to help in lessening the pollution emitted by fossil fuel-based energy. Most renewable energy won’t leave any carbon footprints.


Although upfront costs are pricey since you have to have a system installed or even build a structure to convert energy from its renewable sources. The long-time usage when completed overall and considering the money you save from not paying the bills you used to pay can make it much cheaper than your previous energy source. 

These 7 types of renewable energy are far better than the ones that are powered by non-renewable energies. If you want to make a change, start by shifting to renewable energy as your energy source. And I am sure you will not regret it.